VOLCO INDUSTRIES., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company was established in 1989 in Waghodia Dist Baroda Gujarat, India. The company was initially started as a vendor for Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), which is India’s leading MNC in area of manufacturing. The company eventually diversified into regional market with the vision of establishing its monopoly in the entire western and central area in 1990.
After successfully manufacturing and marketing laminates for over 5 years, a second plant was opened for exclusive manufacturing of sheet of size 1250 x 2500 mm and upto thickness of 120 mm. High expectations were set for this plant and phenomenal projections were made for the first year itself. True to the conclusion of its feasibility study, this plant overran all the projection in the first year itself and started generating positive revenue within the fourth month of its operation.
Volco Industries has a substantial experience in manufacturing glass epoxy laminates, but has only focused on some key and niche markets in India, resulting into more specialized manufacturing knowledge and capabilities, rather than mass manufacturing infrastructure and serving broader market. In accordance with the tremendous growth that Indian Electrical industries are achieving currently, the demand for insulation components are going to increase manifolds, and hence it is the right time for us to enter the automated technology of making components through waterjet cutting system. Volco industries firmly believes that by joining hands with a recognized international manufacturer, we will be able to develop solid synergy in terms of product quality, our low cost manufacturing facilities throughout the country.
The company also realizes high potential of power industries insulation components market in India, which is hardly exploited by Indian manufacturers. Currently, there is a large vacuum in India in terms of manufacturers who can sustain high quality product and compete against imports (which are extremely expensive for Indian manufacturers). The need of the day is to manufacture and market low cost insulation components.
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