Machined Parts
    Machining reinforced plastics, such as our high- and low-pressure laminates as well as our tubes, require the appropriate know-how, machines, tools and equipment. In our processing centers we can saw, as well as perform CNC milling, turning, drilling and grinding according to drawings. Our large range of modern equipment allows us to meet any customer requirements (up to 2 axis milling operations).
    In all cases, availability and service are key words in the machining of parts. Volco Industries makes it possible to offer customers the most efficient and economical service in terms of delivery dates, batch sizes, machining types and tolerance requirements: anytime, anywhere. Finally, combined multi-domestic experience in machining enables Volco Industries to provide machining expertise and to adapt data-processing software. Finished parts are made with high precision using customers’ drawings on CNC-controlled machining centers. With regards to tolerances and surface roughness, Volco Industries is able to produce pieces in accordance with major international standard requirements.
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